Road Opener {Ritual Scrub}


Image of Road Opener {Ritual Scrub}

ROAD OPENER {Ritual Scub} 🗝
New to the Olde Ways Apothecary!

Inspired by my work at the crossroads.
Used to clear energetic obstacles and open up the energy field to receiving prosperity, abundant opportunities, and positive blessings in all areas of life. Pair with your road opener, business blessing, and success rituals for some powerful manifestation! This can also be used to support any spellwork you intuitively feel may be blocked. Featuring a delicious naturally derived aroma of Expresso and Vanilla Absolute. Made with Cold Brew Infusion, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Coffee with Chicory, and Clay gathered at a crossroads to open up those roads! Each jar comes with a small skeleton key talisman that can be carried with you or worn on a chain to keep your magick flowing whenever you may be.🗝