Love Spell {Ritual Bath Soak}

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To condition your aura for attracting love and to support your love spells and manifestation work. This moisturizing bath features a 7 herb blend including beautiful Whole Pink Rose Buds, Rose Petals, Damiana, and laced with a sensual aroma of Ylang Ylang, Tangerine, and a hint of Patchouli blended in apricot oil. This bath is not a substitute for spellwork but will support your work by magnetizing your energy field with the help of plant, flower, and root essences. These baths are 13 ounces.

🍃How To Use Ritual Baths
Since ancient times spiritual bathing has been a part of just about every spiritual tradition to cleanse away negativity, for new beginnings, and to attract blessings. To take a spiritual bath start with a physically clean space and body. This means cleaning up you bathroom and taking your regular shower first. Next you need to energetically cleanse your space by burning Sage, Palo Santo, Copal or whichever cleansing herb or resin you have on hand but these are ideal. Create an ambiance of sacredness with music and illuminate your space by lighting candles. Draw your bath, and soak with intention for 25 minutes or longer. Breathe. Focus on your overall goal, visualize, and relax. Rinse off afterwards if desired and dry off as you normally would. I recommend wearing light colored clothes to bed but this is optional.