Spellwork Services


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Prices are based on the amount of days I need to work. Please email before purchasing so we can determine the best Spellwork for your situation. I need full names, birthdates, a description of your situation, and your overall goal. Each spellwork service comes with photos and a brief written summary of the work. You will not receive daily updates. Please give me and the spirits space/time to work. If you are having any love spells done DO NOT fight with the person or engage in any arguments or you can block or completely derail the process altogether. If you have contact with the person keep it sweet, keep it romantic.

Once the spellwork is completed it is standard to give it time to to process. There are no ballpark times when/if results are to be expected as each case is unique. Spellwork is not guaranteed. We are working with spiritual energy. You must have faith and confidence in the work we are doing. These techniques are very old! Focus on your goal and be positive about it. Positive expectation and patience are of THE most important factors in spellwork. Real magick is worth the wait and cannot be rushed.

Once the spellwork is completed my contract is fulfilled. Any additional insights concerning your case will require a reading which can be booked on the site.

I start on the spellwork the same day payment is made. I’ll need full names, birthdates and a description of your situation and overall goal. Please also include photos of each of you.

There are no refunds, credit, or exchanges available.

***NOTE: For legal reasons I can make no claims and can not guarantee results. Must be 21 years or older for services.

**I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.