Each spellwork service comes with photos documenting the process of the spell as well as a summary of spell. This information is sent to your email when the work is completed. You will not receive daily updates! Reports can take up to a week to receive

Please give me and the spirits space to work. Do not micromanage the spellwork process it does no one any good and you can end up blocking or delaying the work. If you are having any love spells done DO NOT fight or engage in any arguements you can derail the process or block yourself altogether.

Once you receive your report please read it thoroughly please reflect on it and process the information. Once the spell is complete it is standard to give it a moon cycle (28 days) to process, and in some case two or more moon cycles (56 days+)( i.e. Reconciliations, Legal Work, Separations etc..) Some things can manifest sooner but each case is unique. Patience and positive expectation is one of the most important factor in spellwork.

There are no refunds, credit, or exchanges available.